Nosocomial Infections

Nosocomial Infection involves infection which is contracted from the surrounding or through staff of a hospital or healthcare centers. It can be contracted in the hospital environment, nursing home, rehabilitation centers or other clinical settings. Nosocomial Infection is transferred to the susceptible patient in the clinical setting by a number of ways. Health care personnel can spread infection, contaminated equipment, bed linens, or air droplets. The infection can be spread from the outside of the hospital environment, from another infected patient, staff that may be infected, or the source of the infection cannot be detected. In some cases the microorganism originates from the patient's own skin flora, or opportunistic after any surgical process or other procedures that compromised the protective skin barrier. Although the patient itself has contracted the infection from their skin, the infection is still considered nosocomial since it develops in the same hospital. Hospitals have sanitation protocols regarding staff uniforms, sterilization of equipment, washing of hands, and other preventive measures.

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  • Urinary tract infections
  • Hospital-acquired pneumonia
  • Vector borne transmission
  • Control and treatment

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