Laboratory Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases requires direct or indirect detection of viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic pathogens in host tissues, body fluids, or excrement. The Clinical Microbiology is responsible for preparing these samples and determining the susceptibility of bacterial and fungal pathogens to antibiotics. Traditionally, pathogen has been based primarily on either microscopic visualization of the pathogen in clinical material or microbial growth in the laboratory. Identification was based on phenotypic characteristics such as bacterial fermentation profile, cytopathic effects in tissue culture of viral pathogens, and micromorphology of fungi and parasites. These techniques are reliable, but often time consuming. Protein analysis or genotyping techniques are becoming the standard method for detecting, quantifying, and / or identifying microorganisms in clinical microbiology laboratories, and are becoming methods for phenotypic characterization and microscopic visualization. This session describes common diagnostic test concepts with an emphasis on bacterial, fungal and viral detection.

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