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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 3rd International Conference on Medical and Clinical Microbiology Westin Miyako Kyoto, Japan .

Day 1 :

Conference Series Clinical Microbiology 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker AbdulSalam M. Al-Mukhtar photo

Abdulsalam Mohamad Kasim Al-Mukhtar has completeted his Ph.D. at age 37 years, from Salford University (England 1980), more than 30 research published in different journals,and he was working as lecturer in dept. of microbiologl,college of medicine, university of Mosul,Mosul, Iraq for 44 years ago.


Objective: Intestinal amebiasis is still an important health problem in developing countries of the world. One of the most issues for future biomedical research is the development of antimicrobial resistant, in order to search for alternative new antiamoebic drugs. A study was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of albendazol on the viability of Entamoeba histolytica clinical isolate from human which used for experimental animals.

Material and Methods: All experimental animal models (30 albino mice and 30 rabbits),divided into 3 groups,each group with either 10 mouse or 10 rabbits,  were orally infected with E. histolytica (clinical isolate), then after 7 days they were given drugs (Metronidazol or Albendazol) daily according to body weight prepared in advance for 5 days duration  and  in addition to the controls without drugs. Stool specimens of each group were examined microspically  for viable trophozoites,and the number of these trophozoites were counted with haemocytometer chamber, as compared to untreated and treated groups. Statistical methods used was student t-test.  Results: The results showed infection of  E.histolytica was able to be intiated in rabbits only. Albendazol and metronidazol were highly effective(100%) on treatment of infected groups of rabbits ( table I ). Trphozoites of E. histolytica was highly sensitive to albendazol (25% viability), or to metronidazol (22.7% viability) at a dose of 400 mg / kg / day and 250 mg / kg / day respectively,which was significant in relation to the control 500% viability(table II). However, the differences were significant at the level (p

Conclusions: The present study showed that  the newly used albendazol is very effective anti-amebic drug  as metronidazol in rabbits.